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Everyone is Susceptible to Vehicle Theft. LowStar's Smart Security System will Give you Peace-of-Mind.

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Auto Theft Staticstics

Per FBI Auto Theft statistics: In 2018, a motor vehicle was stolen once every 42.2 seconds in the United States. Those thefts, when added together, resulted in a 6.3-billion dollar loss. In total, 748,841 motor vehicles were stolen (74.9 percent were automobiles).

  • Worldwide tracking
  • Pinpoint accurate GPS location
  • Fast theft recovery, real-time
  • Easy to use phone app
  • 360 degree visuals
  • Dynamic map clarity
  • Two-minute tracking
  • Simple reporting for gas and mileage
  • Free first year service plan

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Top 10 States with the most stolen vehicles:

  1. California
  2. Texas
  3. Florida
  4. New York
  5. New Jersey
  6. Arizona
  7. Maryland
  8. Georgia
  9. Massachusetts
  10. Nevada

Smart Vehicle Recovery & GPS Tracking Features:

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Stop Car Thieves Fast

Police can catch them in the act! Thieves won't imagine you have their exact driving route and a 360 degree view of their exact location. Vehicle location updated every 2 minutes while moving.

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Get Help With Ease

Don’t know where you are? LowStar's easy app will show you exactly where you are in a click.

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Travel Mileage

Tracking mileage for work? See routes traveled on any specific day. Get a report for each day - up to 30 days.

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Maintenance Reminders

Life is easier with a little reminder. LowStar will send you an email or text when it’s time to give your car some TLC – this helps when you have a warranty.

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Speed Alerts

Slow down speeding teens. Get speed alerts when your car travels faster than the speed limit you set for your vehicle.

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Lowstar Instant Guard

Instantly puts a protective theft-fence around your car or truck on demand and Immediately alerts you when your vehicle is moved.

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Lowstar Night Guard

Great for street parking. Don’t want to think about setting a theft fence every time? Your system will automatically engage and disengage at the time frame you determine.

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Zone Alerts

Minimizes risk. Zone alerts lets you know if your car travels outside of a geographic area that you determine is normal for your family.

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Low Battery Alerts

Never get stuck with a dead battery again! When your battery drops below 11 volts you’ll get an email or text notification.

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Power Disconnect

Be confident in your protection. When your system’s power is disconnected you’ll get an instant email or text alert.

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Gives you a full report on all alerts and travel history for business.

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Tracking Features

LowStar GPS provides pinpoint accurate tracking of your assets in real-time. Create geo-fence alerts or view the most frequent stops in the past 30 days. LowStar GPS's tracking system is the perfect tool for protecting your most precious assets.

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