Vehicle Theft Statistics You Need to Know

Vehicle Theft Statistics You Need to Know

Throughout the United States, vehicles are stolen every day. In fact, in 2020, vehicle theft has amounted to $7.4 billion in losses throughout the country. In today’s blog post from LowStar GPS, we are going to discuss some important vehicle theft statistics every vehicle owner should know. Read on to learn more.

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In 2020, More Than 800,000 Vehicles Were Stolen

Across the country during the year 2020, 810,400 vehicles were reported stolen. This includes a mix of trucks, cars, SUVs, and other vehicles that were taken from driveways, garages, and parking lots from unassuming owners who were just going about their day normally until they were victimized.

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In the US, a Vehicle Is Stolen Every 43.8 Seconds

Every 43.8 seconds, a vehicle is stolen somewhere in the United States. Not only does this cause an excessive amount of frustration, but car theft also causes insurance premiums to increase, meaning that you’ll pay more money for your insurance down the road even if the theft is no fault of your own.

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The Average Recovery Rate for a Stolen Car Is 46 Percent

In the US, the average recovery rate of stolen vehicles is 46 percent. This means that more than half of vehicles that are stolen are never recovered. However, there are ways to increase your chances of recovering your stolen car, including a car GPS tracker from LowStar GPS.

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Having GPS Tracking In Your Car, Could Up Your Chance of Recovery to 70 Percent

Having GPS tracking installed on your car could increase your chances of recovering your stolen vehicle from 46 percent up to 70 percent. According to GPS Technologies, this is true, even when the owner leaves their key fob in their car when the theft occurs.

Protect Your Vehicle From Theft and Up Your Recovery Rate

The LowStar GPS Smart Security System provides vehicle owners with peace of mind. With worldwide tracking and the ability to see where your vehicle is at all times, recovering your car in the case of theft is easier than ever. Our car GPS tracking systems are ideal for everyday vehicle owners, powersports, lenders, and companies who utilize a fleet of vehicles for their business. To learn more about our GPS tracker for cars, visit our website and reach out to a member of the LowStar GPS team today.

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