How LowStar GPS Helps Law Enforcement Recover Your Vehicle

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How LowStar GPS Helps Law Enforcement Recover Your Vehicle

As a vehicle owner, the last thing you want is for your car or truck to be stolen. However, if it is, it’s imperative to connect with local law enforcement as soon as possible. At LowStar GPS, we offer one of the best options when it comes to GPS tracking for your vehicle. If your vehicle has been lost or stolen, our system can help law enforcement recover it quickly through accurate tracking, aerial mapping, and more. Keep reading to learn more about how LowStar can aid in finding your vehicle, and feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

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Pinpoint GPS Tracking

While some GPS systems will give you a general idea of where your car or truck is located, LowStar provides pinpoint tracking that shows exactly where your vehicle is, whether that’s in a garage, an impound lot, or someone’s driveway. Law enforcement can use this information to ping and locate your vehicle quickly, mobilizing to retrieve it before it moves again. If the vehicle is on the move, our pinpoint tracking will show what road or highway it’s on, as well as any destinations it’s visited recently.

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Efficient Law Enforcement Capability

Law enforcement will need to move quickly once your vehicle is located to ensure they can retrieve it. Our GPS system offers more efficient tracking capabilities, giving them the information they need to act as soon as possible. With aerial mapping, law enforcement can get a better idea of what type of area the vehicle is in, as well as any surrounding obstacles or impediments that could create issues. Law enforcement will be able to locate your vehicle and create a plan of action, with detailed and accurate information at their disposal at all times.

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Two-Minute Tracking

A car thief may not leave your vehicle in one place for very long, continuing to drive it as they move from one place to another. LowStar GPS provides two-minute tracking on a moving vehicle, giving law enforcement an accurate idea of where the car is and where it’s headed. If any of the recent destinations the vehicle has visited is on the route, law enforcement can know where the vehicle may be headed and where it can possibly be intercepted. Our cloud-based servers continuously collect data, so law enforcement isn’t left wondering where your vehicle is or where it may be going.

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Extensive 4G Network Coverage

LowStar GPS uses satellite and cellular technologies to track your vehicle, and with extensive 4G network coverage, law enforcement can find your vehicle’s location quickly and accurately. Zones can be created that send alerts when the vehicle enters or exits those zones, and data can be accessed on any mobile device. The 4G coverage helps generate a real-time map that shows where your vehicle is located and whether it’s moving or parked. With our system, there’s no concern about the location being lost or inaccurate. We know you want your vehicle recovered quickly, and with LowStar, law enforcement can use 4G to keep track of every detail regarding your car or truck.

If you’re considering adding a GPS or vehicle location tracker to your car or truck, there’s no better choice than LowStar. In the event your vehicle is stolen, our system will allow law enforcement to pinpoint your car or truck quickly and accurately. They’ll be able to use the information provided by our app to create a plan that offers the best chance for recovering your vehicle. Our team is always available to provide support, and we can answer any questions you may have about our GPS tracker.

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